A Prayer – 9/1/15
Help Me Live at Peace…
Even on the Internet

Dear Lord,

My heart is heavy this morning. You have revealed to me on numerous occasions that the internet is the devil’s playground. I can see it now more than ever. Social media is his stomping ground. Blogs are his past time. He will use every means possible to confuse the masses. After all, He is a master manipulator. Not only does he use this tool to promote sin in every form, he also parades around it as a wolf in “Christian” sheep clothing trying to confuse those who are interested in You, but haven’t found You, and leading those who are weak in faith and knowledge away from The Truth.

Father, help me to have super natural discernment. Allow the Holy Spirit to come into my heart, rule my mind, and keep me from falling into the devil’s snares. Guide me to pray and search your Word for answers to the things I question. Help me to not sin in my anger at the lies and sinful things I encounter. Help me to live at peace with everyone, even on the internet. It is so easy to ignore that their little avatar or picture is connected to an actual soul.

On the other hand, Lord, please do not let me misuse “peace” as an excuse to do nothing in the face of unrighteousness. Help me to be grace filled. When you call me to, help me to speak Your truth in Love. Help me know that you do not call me to every battle, but you will equip me for the battles You have called me to.

Lord, help me not doubt that Your power can be glorified in my weakness. Even when that weakness is knowledge of biblical history, certain doctrinal beliefs, and theology. I know that the devil knows Your Word inside and out and will try to confuse even the most well versed of Christians. Use me as the weak that shames the strong. Help me to grow stronger in my knowledge of You every day, but also help me to be open minded to those people my heart may consider weaker in faith.

God, please use the precious time that I pour into my writing for Your glory. Whether that is in response to an article or blog post that is filled with “Christian” opinions that are not founded in Your Truth, or when I stumble through trying to convey what you put on my heart. Continue to help me put my fleshly desires and opinions away, and to shine a light on Your Word. Help me to discern between my own desire to be right, and the desire You have placed on my heart to correct those who are misguiding Your sheep.

I also pray for my friends and family, that they are careful in how they spend their time. That they do not fall for the devil’s tricks. Oh be careful little eyes what you see… Oh be careful little fingers where you click…   Although there are thousands of voices out there on the internet, Lord, I know it can be one lonesome place. We can fall under the belief that just because we are not physically doing something wrong, it is not wrong. May our hearts yearn for holiness, Your perfect holiness.

As I head into my time of worshipping You this morning, may my heart be open to Your correction. Renew in me fervor for Your righteousness. Draw me close to You, break my heart for what breaks Yours. Lead me, Father.

It is in Your Son’s beautiful name I pray.


Romans 12:18

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